Arctic Ocean Trekking Course

Filled with intense mountain flying, this course will take you from Talkeetna, through the two largest mountain ranges in Alaska all they way to the Arctic Ocean and back, with stops in Barrow, Anaktuvuk Pass, and Fairbanks.  After departing Talkeetna, our first stop will be Chelatna Lake, at the toe of the Kahiltna Glacier and the base of the Alaska Range. Our first challenge begins here, crossing to the western side of the range, your mountain picture taking skills will be tested in Shellabarger pass as we fly to McGrath. After McGrath, we will work our way up to Bettles, at the foot of the magnificent Brooks Range. Our next big challenge will be the mountains of the Brooks Range, and the unpredictable weather of the North Slope enroute to Barrow, the northernmost city in the United States. Working from Barrow to the East, we will stop in Deadhorse, to follow the Haul Road from the show “Ice Road Truckers” back through the Brooks Range and Coldfoot to Manley Hot Springs.