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Our Alaskan flight training programs are a flat rate fee and will not increase if you need more than the FAA minimum requirements or the U.S. average. We do not have students train in simulators or as a safety pilot just to build time, you will be flying an actual airplane for the duration of your course. We believe this instills superior piloting skills. We believe so strongly in our proven programs, that we put the program and guarantee in writing. We guarantee a structured program with set flight lessons each week to ensure completion and decrease lack of progression. Too often we hear from transfer students that they have been trying to earn their ratings/ certificate/ license for years. We've removed these barriers and offer all inclusive programs to ensure student success. We hope you come fly with us! 

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Fly Around Alaska Palmer Flight School

975 Cope Industrial Way
Palmer, AK 99645

Mon - Sat: 9am - 6pm
Weekend: Vary

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Why Choose Us?

Fly Around Alaska began as a one man, one plane school with a goal to provide the best possible flight training available in Alaska. Today that little school has become one of the largest flight training organizations in Alaska. Our student's safety and success are our number one priority. To view the company's mission, vision and core values, click here

- We offer a proven syllabus curriculum in a school environment. 
- Our staff operates through our vision, mission and core values. 
- Alaskan flight time is extremely valuable to airlines.
- We have exclusive accelerated programs and a 98% success rate.
- We operate out of three locations in Alaska. 
- We are fully insured and provide flight instruction specific insurance on all aircraft and students.
- We specialize in international student pilot training. 
- We have an A&P and IA on staff and maintain our own aircraft to the highest standard of safety. 

We believe so strongly in our approach to pilot training,
that we guarantee these in writing.

Not sure where to start?

Call us to set up an introductory lesson, you might even do a couple maneuvers! We can also schedule a tour to checkout our classrooms and meet an instructor.


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