Student Pilot Savanah Gets Her Birthday Wish

Student Pilot Savanah Gets Her Birthday Wish

Here at Fly Around Alaska we are so happy to let everyone know Savanah got here Birthday wish. Here’s what she had to say post solo-flying success:

S: I’m so excited! I was less nervous than I expected. I took the pre-solo test—we went over what to do, what not to do, so that I could have that in the front of my mind right before I went up by myself. So helpful! I felt confident and that’s not how I had been picturing it—I expected to be way more nervous—I expected to have butterflies—but John prepared me. We went over everything I needed to go over and that left me feeling like “I know what I’m doing and I’m going to do this right.”

S: And when I was done I was like “YAY!”

E: You had a big smile on your face when you got out of that plane!

S: Yeah, like you said—I got my Birthday wish.

E: What’s next for you?

S: Cross country—the cross country is definitely a lot more intimidating—I don’t feel as prepared on the planning part of it—But John’s good at going over things and making everything clear and then I feel like I’m set up for success. So, even though I’m nervous, I’m definitely thankful that he is the style of teacher that he is. I put so much pressure on myself but he always reminds me that I am just learning—that—at this point—I don’t need to know it all.

S: During my solo John’s voice was in my head saying “don’t put the pressure on yourself—just keep flying.” I highly recommend John. Especially for other women. It’s hard as a women to find a good flight instructor.

We are all so happy for Savanah here at Fly Around Alaska. I was personally happy to hear that our instructors are creating a safe learning environment for our students. As a woman in Alaska it’s a concern living in the male dominant world of aviation. But here at Fly Around Alaska I’ve experienced some of the most caring, tolerant, and open-minded folks in aviation—which is why I work here.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Student Pilot Savanah

Alaskan born and raised, Savanah is getting her pilots license to continue the flying legacy of her grandfathers.


E: What got you into flying?


S: My grandfathers were both bush pilots and with my grandpa getting older he wanted someone who could fly to his cabin.


Flying will allow Savanah access to her family’s remote fly-in-only cabin.


S: So, I looked up flight schools, really on a whim. I was a single mom, had a full-time job, I really didn’t know how it could work, but I called and talked to Don, came in, and Don got me set up.


E: What stage are you at right now?


S: Hopefully close to solo-ing! It's my birthday tomorrow and I want nothing more than to be able to fly solo.


We both laughed. Savanah considers herself a poor example of a flight student because she had a hard time with our Guaranteed Private Pilot Training Program in the beginning—she was a single mom and her daughter was having health issues—she ended up taking an extended brake. A year later she’s back and looking to get her private pilot’s license through our Accelerated Flight Training Program.


S: Now I’m ready to do the official accelerated stuff where we’re really condensing and making it happen in a short amount of time!


E: How’s it going for you?


S: Great! John doesn’t make me feel really pressured which is a huge relief because I put pressure on myself a lot. Having someone there to remind me that I’m still learning has been really nice. He has a nice way of reminding me to “just keep it up” and that’s really encouraging. I really appreciate that.


E: Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience?


S: I’m glad to be doing this in a condensed amount of time. I’m glad I’m able to knock it out—for me, this is going to be a hobby as opposed to a job, so I don’t have forever to do this—so, I really appreciate that an accelerated course is offered here.


Fly around Alaska’s Accelerated Flight Training Program is all about getting your license in a compressed time-frame. Because you’re building motor skills and muscle memory by practicing daily you’ll become a natural pilot as quickly as possible. In these programs we train daily and accomplish the training in under two weeks. The "normal," non-accelerated training track that people follow is two (2) or three (3) 2 to 3-hour lessons per month. This training schedule leads to the national average of approximately 75 hours required to get a private pilot license. When people dive into our accelerated flight training programs, they are able to get their license in far fewer hours, resulting in a significant financial savings


“I’m so excited to get this done!” Savanah said with a huge smile as she left with John.



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