Catheline Leoni - MEI, CFI and CFII

Mete Catheline! 

Catheline is originally from Tours, France. Her first spark of aviation love began in Ireland, where she obtained her Private Pilot certification in Stampe in a Cessna 172. After returning to her home country of France, she studied aviation law and air transport management, while flying a Piper Cub every chance she could! In 2012 Catheline, along with a group of adventurous pilots, recreated a 1936 flight by Jean Batten from England to New Zealand in a Douglas DC-3, one of her favorite aircrafts.

She earned her master's degree by implementing safety management systems with the Sécurité Civile (the French government's Civil Defense Agency). Catheline's experience with helicopters in search and rescue then led her to join the French Army Light Aviation, where she became a commercial helicopter pilot. 

Catheline then moved to Oregon, where she converted her EASA licenses to FAA and began instructing at a local school. In addition to her Bachelor's degree and 2 Master's Degrees, she now holds FAA Private, Instrument, Commercial Single and Multi Engine, MEI, CFI and CFII! 

Since leaving Oregon, she helped one of the owners of Fly Around Alaska, Don Hammond, fly 2 Piper Cherokee 140's from Alabama to Alaska. She has documented a large part of her trip that can be viewed on her YouTube channel, here. She enjoys exploring new places, meeting new people and inspiring others to pursue a career in aviation!

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