Student Pilot Savanah

Alaskan born and raised, Savanah is getting her pilots license to continue the flying legacy of her grandfathers.


E: What got you into flying?


S: My grandfathers were both bush pilots and with my grandpa getting older he wanted someone who could fly to his cabin.


Flying will allow Savanah access to her family’s remote fly-in-only cabin.


S: So, I looked up flight schools, really on a whim. I was a single mom, had a full-time job, I really didn’t know how it could work, but I called and talked to Don, came in, and Don got me set up.


E: What stage are you at right now?


S: Hopefully close to solo-ing! It's my birthday tomorrow and I want nothing more than to be able to fly solo.


We both laughed. Savanah considers herself a poor example of a flight student because she had a hard time with our Guaranteed Private Pilot Training Program in the beginning—she was a single mom and her daughter was having health issues—she ended up taking an extended brake. A year later she’s back and looking to get her private pilot’s license through our Accelerated Flight Training Program.


S: Now I’m ready to do the official accelerated stuff where we’re really condensing and making it happen in a short amount of time!


E: How’s it going for you?


S: Great! John doesn’t make me feel really pressured which is a huge relief because I put pressure on myself a lot. Having someone there to remind me that I’m still learning has been really nice. He has a nice way of reminding me to “just keep it up” and that’s really encouraging. I really appreciate that.


E: Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience?


S: I’m glad to be doing this in a condensed amount of time. I’m glad I’m able to knock it out—for me, this is going to be a hobby as opposed to a job, so I don’t have forever to do this—so, I really appreciate that an accelerated course is offered here.


Fly around Alaska’s Accelerated Flight Training Program is all about getting your license in a compressed time-frame. Because you’re building motor skills and muscle memory by practicing daily you’ll become a natural pilot as quickly as possible. In these programs we train daily and accomplish the training in under two weeks. The "normal," non-accelerated training track that people follow is two (2) or three (3) 2 to 3-hour lessons per month. This training schedule leads to the national average of approximately 75 hours required to get a private pilot license. When people dive into our accelerated flight training programs, they are able to get their license in far fewer hours, resulting in a significant financial savings


“I’m so excited to get this done!” Savanah said with a huge smile as she left with John.



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