Accelerated Flight Training Program

Getting your license in a compressed timeframe can be a tremendous benefit.  Because you're building motor skills and muscle memory, practicing daily allows you to become a natural at piloting as quickly as possible.  In these programs we train daily and accomplish the training in under two weeks.  The "normal," non-accelerated training track that people follow is two (2) or three (3) 2 to 3-hour lessons per week.  This training schedule leads to the national average of approximately 75 hours required to get a private pilot license.  When people dive into our accelerated flight training programs, they are able to get their license in far fewer hours, resulting in a significant financial savings. 

Two-Week Private Pilot

In as few as 11 days you will become a Private Pilot! 

We'll fly two (2) or three (3) flights per day, with ground instruction between each flight, and in about 11 days, you'll most likely be ready to be a licensed Private Pilot. 

Syllabus Based Training

We have adopted the ASA Complete Private Pilot syllabus-based training program. The program covers everything involved with becoming a Private Pilot, preparing you for your check ride. With our program we provide you with the course and all the materials you will need. 

Knowledge Test

The airman knowledge test examines you on the concepts and information you will need to know for your training.  It is a computerized exam that will need to be passed before you start your Accelerated Program.

Once we receive your deposit, we will provide you with an online-based ASA Ground School course that you will use to study for your written test.  This course provides you with an ebook, over 10 hours of video presentations, and practice quizzes to prepare you for your written knowledge exam.  We have found this to be much more beneficial and practical than the standard ground schools other flight schools use.

Medical Certificate

You must have a current Medical Certificate prior to starting the Accelerated Program.

This physical must be conducted by an FAA-designated Airman Medical Examiner.  You will be asked to fill out an online FAA application and medical history form.  The doctor will check your vision, hearing, balance, and nose and throat. The doctor will determine that you do not have any mental or neurological problems such as alcoholism, epilepsy, psychosis, or a serious medical condition such as chronic heart disease or diabetes mellitus.

Student Pilot Certificate

You must have your physical Student Pilot Certificate in hand prior to starting the Accelerated Program.  Once you complete your application it will take up to three (3) weeks to receive it in the mail. However, most students have received their card in about 7-10 days. We can assist you with the application for your student license.

Instructors and Location

Flight training for the Accelerated Program will be conducted at our Palmer, Alaska campus and will be taught by one of our mature, friendly, and knowledgeable instructors.  Our instructors have been in aviation for many years and are Commercial, Instrument, Multi-Engine, including CFI and CFII for fixed wing single and multi-engine aircraft rated. 

Program Cost & Scheduling

The complete program costs $12,800.00, including a 5,000.00 upfront deposit to confirm your position on the training schedule.  The balance ($7,800.00) is due ten days prior to the start of your program.  Payments are not refundable but can be used for rescheduling within six months.  We accept cash, checks, wire transfer, MasterCard, VISA, and American Express.

Financing Options

We know that the cost associated with flight training can be very expensive and hard to pay out of your pocket as you go.  We currently recommend AOPA and Pilot Finance, which are geared toward pilot training.  The best part is that the payments are $330.00 which are less than just one 2 hr. lesson with your instructor.

AOPA Finance          1-800-627-5263

Pilot Finance             1-800-667-0201

Other options for financing may be your personal credit union, or a low or no-interest credit card.

*Note: This program is only available during the summer months and must be scheduled in advance.  We take a hiatus from the accelerated programs from October through March. 

What's Included:

This course includes the all flight time and ground instruction to meet the needs of an average student with good English language skills and ability.  The following is included:

Specific Items:

  • Rental Aircraft
  • Dual Instruction
  • Pre-Solo Test
  • Solo Flight Time
  • Ground Instruction
  • Ground Instruction Test Signoff
  • Pre-Check Ride Test Prep
  • ASA Private Pilot Online Ground School
  • ASA Part 61 Private Pilot Kit
    • ASA AirClassics Pilot Briefcase
    • The Complete Private Pilot by Bob Gardner
    • The Complete Private Pilot Syllabus
    • Private Pilot Test Prep book
    • FAR/AIM book
    • Visualized Flight Maneuvers Handbook (for High-Wing Aircraft)
    • Private Oral Exam Guide by Michael Hayes
    • Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards (ACS)
    • Flight Computer (Kit contains E6-B Fiberboard #ASA-E6B-P)
    • Plotter (Kit contains Ultimate Rotating Plotter #ASA-CP-RLX)
    • Pilot Logbook (Kit contains Standard Pilot Logbook #ASA-SP-30)
    • Student Pilot Guide
    • Alaska Chart Supplement
    • Anchorage Sectional

Items Not Included:

  • Private Pilot Check Ride (Approximately $600.00)
  • Written or Check Ride Test Re-Takes Due to Failed Test Results

Our Program is based on industry standard training methods.  If the student is studying and applying themselves then passing the required tests are not a problem.  However, we reserve the right to cancel the guarantee if the student is not reaching the benchmarks due to lack of study and meeting the minimum requirement to fly 2-3 flights per day.


Our accelerated training course is designed to encompass most of the estimated costs of completing your training. This includes your training materials, aircraft rental, ground training and instructor time.  It must be noted here that our training courses are pre-paid packages.  A $5,000.00 deposit is required with this application to guarantee your training slot. 

Fly Around Alaska accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, Travelers Checks, Electronic Funds Transfers, and Cash as forms of payment. Credit cards must be present. Electronic funds transfers must be initiated no less than thirty (30) days prior to your start date.

No refunds on application fees, pilot training computer software or online programs. No guarantees are implied with any of our accelerated courses. The courses are designed to be completed in the times specified; however, circumstances that are beyond our control could prevent you from completing the course in the specified time. These circumstances may include but are not limited to the following: Adverse weather, equipment failure, and the student’s own limitations. In the case of a training course not completed in the specified time, the student may elect to extend their training until completed, return at a later date to finish the course or receive a refund of any unused funds on account (subject to pro-rata if less than 15 hours of flight training had been completed). The training and hours received up to that point could still count toward your certificate or rating, even if you elect to finish your training at another facility.

Our mission is to do all that is in our power to see that you achieve your goals during your training with Fly Around Alaska. We pride ourselves on providing the best available equipment, materials and instructors, as well as the industry’s best and only integrated flight training syllabus. Your complete satisfaction is our primary goal, however if you perceive that any aspect of your training experience is not meeting your expectations, please let us know how we can better serve you and we will do all that we can reasonably do to make your training course a memorable experience for you.