Aerobatic Training

Fly Around Alaska offers courses in basic aerobatic training in our beautiful 7ECA Citabria. This Alaska aerobatic training is suitable for Alaska pilots and non-pilots alike! The aerobatic training can be as simple as one introductory flight or an entire aerobatic training course covering loops, rolls, and spins.

The aerobatic introductory flight will be preformed with the instructor on the controls, and the student following along. This is an excellent way to experience the thrill of being in Alaska and of aerobatic training, and decide if you want to some day take the controls yourself and become an Alaskan pilot.

For those who are in Alaska and have already made this decision, our aerobatic training course is centered around a four flight progression that starts with stick and rudder coordination and ends with student lead basic aerobatic maneuvers. We have the perfect aerobatic airspace in Alaska in which to play, come see Denali inverted!

Come Fly Around Alaska with us!

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