Enroll in a Pilot Course

Thanks for your interest in our accelerated and professional flight school. Our school is fully-insured, your instruction is one-on-one and the cost of your training will not increase, should you need additional flight or ground hours. . Fly Around Alaska has an in house maintenance shop, so any required maintenance is a quick turnaround. We have a designated classroom environment at our school, with 7 classrooms for structured learning and training.  

If you are interested in training, you can complete your paperwork online or come take a tour of our school and complete in person. 

  • Non-accelerated Private Pilot Program (2-4 months - 3x/ week)
  • Accelerated Private Pilot Program (14 days)
  • Non-accelerated Instrument Rating Program (2-3 months - 4/ week) 
  • Accelerated Instrument Rating Program (14 days)
  • Professional Career Pilot Program (6 months if started in the summer!)

Come fly with us and you'll become a safe and competent pilot in no time!